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Fo0die was gifted the products reviewed in this blog post.

Porters is a restaurant located in Williamstown. During covid, Porters developed an online shop selling their ‘Porters at Home’ range which can be delivered or picked up from their venue. Check their website for delivery days and to check whether they deliver to your area.


Porters: Packaging

Our delivery arrived in a large Porters branded cooler bag and inside looked like the image above. A mix of packaging from aluminium tray to plastic round boxes to the familiar plastic pouch package we have seen before.


The heating instructions for each of the items are written on the packaging itself. All of the dishes we selected only required a simple heat up in the microwave which made these meals extremely easy and quick.

Porters: Porters at home

Starting off with our entree, we toasted the pitas in the oven and they came out soft and fluffy. The sun-dried tomato and red pepper dip was very tasty with a nice balance between the sun-dried tomato and red pepper.

We ordered a side of potatoes and heated this up in the microwave. In hindsight, the oven may have been a better option to crisp the potatoes up again. The herbs on this was subtle.

Porters: Ricotta and spinach tortellini with braised lamb Porters: Seafood paella

For our two mains, we selected a pasta dish and a paella. Both mains were a generous serving making these quite value for money. And we enjoyed both of these mains in terms of flavour and freshness.

The paella had a sweetness and a smokiness to it. Seafood was fresh and large in size which we were very impressed with. Squid was surprisingly nice and tender, reflecting the quality of the ingredients used.

I had the pasta which had nice chunky pieces of lamb (which filled me right up) with a rich gravy sauce and mushrooms.

Porters: Chocolate almond mousse, summer berries

For dessert, a chocolate almond mousse which is a little more dense than a traditional airy mousse. The summer berries on top helped cut through the richness.

Overall, Porters at Home is something we would happily order and have at home given the quality and serving size which we think is value for money. Unfortunately, we’re outside their delivery zone which we are still sulking about.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Sun-dried tomato and red pepper dip with grilled flatbread
  • Herb roasted potatoes
  • Ricotta and spinach tortellini with braised lamb
  • Seafood paella
  • Chocolate almond mousse, summer berries

Address: 49 Nelson Pl, Williamstown VIC 3016
Phone: (03) 9397 1251


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