Corner Table (Mount Waverley)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Corner Table and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

When we arrived at Corner Table, we found that the venue had been appropriately named as it sits at one of the corners within the Pinewood Shopping Village. Within the shopping village, there is a range of 2P and 1P parking options (Monday to Saturday) which we easily found parking in.

Run by wife and husband duo since February 2019, the venue uniquely offers not only a dine-in menu but also plenty of take-home options (this wasn’t a response to covid but was something the venue offered since the day they opened). Their take-home options are reasonably priced and purposely designed to be good quality; something that the owners would feed their own family.


Corner Table: Front of venue Corner Table: Inside venue

Entering the venue, the counter takes up a good portion of the left side of the venue with the kitchen hidden at the back.

Corner Table: Coffee counter Corner Table: Dining space

Seating is arranged around the counter in an ‘L-shape’ with bar height bench seating and a large communal table along the front of the venue which is actually a recycle of an old carpenter’s table (they even have a dish named after the carpenter!). 

Along the right side of the venue, built-in seating and tables line the white wood wall which perfectly pairs with the navy and touch of greenery throughout. 


The venue serves an all day brunch menu which contains a good mix of traditional dishes through to heavier options like pie, burger and risotto for those after a heavier meal.

The menu has an interesting mix of Asian and Indian influences, thanks to the chef’s Malaysian background and experience from Melbourne’s well known Coda and Tonka. So what do we mean? We’re talking about miso congee, beetroot wasabi relish served with an avo toast and chicken dumplings. Sounds different right?

Corner Table: Mocha and matcha latte

The drinks menu is available on the blackboards hanging above the coffee machine and include the usual coffee, health lattes (matcha, turmeric), fresh juice and smoothies. 

Corner Table: Jacks rosti Corner Table: Beef brisket pie

I had the rosti which is named after the carpenter that the communal table belongs to (Jack) which was where we were seated. Rosti was super crispy and lightly seasoned to balance with the saltiness of the maple bacon and sweetness of the parsnip puree. We found this perfectly balanced in taste.

The Mr had the beef brisket pie. Exactly what you would expect from filo pastry; flakey and crispy filled with an Asian style sweet saucy slow-cooked beef brisket. On its own, the beef brisket is quite sweet but balanced with the tangy pickled carrot and the freshness of the cucumber radish salad, the dish overall is balanced. But if you’re like the Mr who prefers to not ‘mix’ all these ingredients together, then you may want to give this one a miss as it’s designed for all the components to be eaten together.

Corner Table: Espresso french toast

Mixing our morning coffee with dessert, this thin slightly crispy brioche is soaked in espresso which is subtle in the background. Served with the caramelised banana and earthy sweet walnuts which came through stronger when eaten together.

Corner Table: Chicken and prawn dumplings

Did we mention the venue’s delicious ‘take home’ options? We were fortunate enough to get to try their chicken and prawn dumplings which came vacuumed sealed for maximum freshness. The chicken and prawn dumplings had slightly hard bits in it which we couldn’t quite pinpoint whether it was seeds or shell. The dumplings came with a serving of their super delicious and tasty soy, chilli and sesame sauce which was the highlight for me. I literally had the left over sauce with my rice as well as dipping my meats into.

As the owner puts it, the venue’s offering is very dynamic and we couldn’t find a better word to describe their offering (they already have some exciting plans for the venue in the very near future).

Their menu and food offer Melburnians something a little different to the normal Melbourne brunch scene. If you enjoy putting different components of the dishes together in a single mouthful to experience the flavours together, you’ll enjoy and appreciate the thought put into each dish. 

Dishes that make up this review

  • Mocha
  • Matcha latte
  • Jacks rosti; 2 poached eggs, potato rosti, parsnip puree, crispy maple bacon and parmesan dukkah ($19)
  • Beef brisket pie; Asian slow cooked beef brisket wrapped in filo pastry served with cucumber radish salad and pickled carrots ($22)
  • Espresso french toast; espresso soaked brioche with caramelised banana, cherry jelly, mascarpone and candy walnut ($17)
  • Chicken and prawn dumplings with their soy, chilli and sesame sauce ($15)

Address: Shop 8/33-39 Centreway, Mount Waverley VIC 3149
Phone: (03) 9887 7261


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