David’s Spicy Pot (Melbourne)

Fo0die dined as a guest of David’s Spicy Pot and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

David’s Spicy Pot, at the time of writing, has two locations, one on Elizabeth Street and the other on Russell Street in between Bourke and Little Bourke Street (this was the one we visited). The concept at David’s Spicy Pot is you select all the ingredients you want in your noodle bowl yourself, bring it to the counter to weigh ($3.20 per 100g), choose your soup base and the kitchen will cook it all up and have it delivered to your table. You can basically choose how light or heavy you want your meal to be.


The venue is over two floors with all the action taking place on the ground floor. On entry, the silver bowls and tongs are on the right hand side which is then followed by a display of over 70 ingredients to select from. The kitchen and counter are at the back and dining area is on the left as well as upstairs.

David's Spicy Pot: Seafood David's Spicy Pot: Prawns

David's Spicy Pot: Meat

The first section of the ingredients consists of noodles (fresh noodles like udon as well as dried noodles), chicken and vegetables (mushrooms, wombok, bokchoy etc). The next section is filled with fish balls and a range of seafood sticks and balls and then finally a smaller selection of raw meats (pork and beef).


The venue also has a small menu of Sichuan street food which you can order off and some pre-packaged items from the display. Both bowls of noodles arrived with a small side dish of pickled spicy cabbage.

David's Spicy Pot: Pork broth before 

Mr J chose a mix of udon, prawns, fish balls, tender beef, braised egg, mushrooms, wombok and bok choy in a pork bone broth. His selection weighed a little over 750g ($24-$25) which was a surprise to us but made sense when you consider how heavy udon and meat would be.

David's Spicy Pot: Traditional spicy soup before David's Spicy Pot: Traditional spicy soup after

I had 2x the dry flat noodles, selection of seafood balls and fish cakes, mushrooms, and wombok in the traditional spicy soup (they also have an option to have no soup which they call ‘spicy pot’). This weighed in at 400g ($12-$13). With the soup, there’s a choice of spicy levels, I chose the lowest level of spice, little spicy, and was advised this would be nothing but let me assure you, it was spicy enough for me! The spiciness left me thankful for the little bowl of pork bone broth that was served with the noodles which helped soothe my burning mouth.

We love the concept of being able to select the exact ingredients that we want but a word of caution, be conscious of how much you can actually eat else the noodle bowl can get very big and very expensive.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Our selection with Pork bone broth ($24-$25)
  • Our selection with Traditional spicy soup ($12-$13)

Address: 166 Russell St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 8658 3457


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