Masizzim (Glen Waverley)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Masizzim and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Located in The Glen’s new dining precinct on level 1 (we went up the lifts near David Jones but there’s also escalators near Gong Cha). When we dined, the dining precinct on level 1 was looking a little empty with boards surrounding this area with upcoming venues.

The name of the venue, Masizzim, when translated literally means “delicious stew”. So there was no guessing what we must order when we arrived. The venue opened at the end of August 2019 and was approximately two months old when we visited.


Masizzim: Front Masizzim: Side

The venue is fully undercover with seats at the front of the venue and to the side of the venue which would be perfect for the upcoming warmer weather.

Masizzim: Interior Masizzim: Dining area

On entering, the venue has a very modern contemporary with traditional touches like banners with masks and banners hanging off the ceiling to soften the look.

Towards the entry, there’s booth style seating on one side and dining tables on the other side. Walking in further, there’s a counter on the right, kitchen on the left and in between is a large table.

Walking further into the venue is the rest of the dining space where the bifold door opens up to create a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. A bamboo feature sits in this space with cushioned bench-style seat cleverly arranged around it.


After ordering from their shared style menu, three Korean side dishes (onions, bean shoots and of course kimchi) were brought to the table and were refilled when the dishes were empty.

Masizzim: Haetai grape bong bong and Chum charum peach soju Masizzim: Chum charum peach soju

It wouldn’t be right to dine at a Korean restaurant and not pair it with some Korean beverages. What did we pick? Bong bong for Mr J (grape beverage with real pieces of grape inside) and peach soju for Ms J which was a larger bottle than we had expected, 360ml which was probably best shared.

Masizzim: Side dishes

Between the two of us, we ordered four dishes to share and this was more than enough plus a single-serve dessert to share. Shortly after we ordered, three Korean side dishes (onions, bean shoots and kimchi) were brought to the table. These are refilled when they are empty.

Masizzim: Pan fried kimchi mandu Masizzim: Tomato, cheese and kimchi jeon

The first of our dishes to arrive was the pan fried kimchi mandu and tomato, cheese and kimchi jeon. The pan fried mandu was actually deep fried and as expected had a flavoursome filling with a very subtle kimchi flavour to it.

The jeon, a savoury pancake, but unlike other Korean pancakes we’ve had before (which is usually made from a pancake batter), the jeon was made of potato which is pan fried and topped with toppings. The jeon was crispy, with a subtle kimchi flavour, a little mince and had a jelly like texture.

Masizzim: Mild beef stew

And of course we had to try one of their stew given the name of the venue mentions stew! This is offered as a single serve or a share size (which is good for 3-4 people). There’s a choice between udon or glass noodle (we chose udon) and different levels of spiciness (we chose mild which actually meant soy based). Flavoursome broth with a good amount of tender beef and lovely soft udon noodles. One of our favourite dishes from our visit.

Masizzim: Crabmeat and fish roe rice ball Masizzim: Crabmeat and fish roe rice ball

Masizzim: Crabmeat and fish roe rice ball Masizzim: Crabmeat and fish roe rice ball

Next up was this very fun rice ball dish where gloves were provided for you to mix the mixture and then roll into round balls (or not so round). These had a good texture to them thanks to the mix of seaweed and pickles and lightly seasoned. Another favourite dish from our visit.

Masizzim: Mango and cheese bingsu

To finish off, we had the bingsu which came in two sizes (single serve or large serve). We had the single serve and this was enough for us to share. The bingsu itself wasn’t as fine as others we’ve had before but fine enough to still provide the creaminess that bingsu is known for.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Haetai grape bong bong ($3)
  • Chum charum peach soju ($15)
  • Pan fried kimchi mandu; pan fried dumplings filled with fermented kimchi and mince pork ($8 for 6 pieces)
  • Tomato, cheese and kimchi jeon; pan fried korean pancake with beef mince and kimchi, topped with melted mozzarella cheese ($10)
  • Mild beef stew; beef marinated in Masizzim’s secret sauce topped with topokki, mushrooms and spring onion and choice of chewy glass noodles or udon noodles ($16.50 for single serve)
  • Crabmeat and fish roe rice ball with mixed rice, mayonnaise, fried kimchi, seaweed crumbs, chilli topped with sesame seeds ($9.50)
  • Mango and cheese bingsu; delicate milk snowflakes covered with chunks of juicy mango and cheesecake topped with vanilla ice cream ($7.50 for a single serve)

Address: The Glen Shopping Centre, Shop 1-002/235 Springvale Rd, Glen Waverley 3150
Phone: (03) 4418 2805


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