Izakaya Jiro (Hawthorn)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Izakaya Jiro and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Arriving at the venue at 12pm (when the venue actually opens), we were surprised to find other diners were already seated in the venue which continued to fill up while we were there.

Having opened since 2012, the name is actually derived from Japan’s Izakaya (places for drinking with small snacks) and the owner’s name. We parked along Churchill Grove which was 2P on a Saturday afternoon.


The venue itself is cosy and upon entering, there’s a bar heigh table on the right with a small counter tucked away on the left behind the pictured water feature.

Izakaya Jiro: Front Izakaya Jiro: Dining space

Tables are arranged around the bar with some seating available at the bar itself. Toilets are located outside at the back where there’s a pergola with a large table underneath.

The venue also has an upstairs which is where they serve shabu shabu and charcoal grill which we were advised will become an ‘all you can eat’ style which is only available during dinner.


The venue has a massive menu on A3 sheets; one for lunch, one for dinner and separately lunch set and chef’s specials. We were advised that diners could actually order from any of the menus with the exception of skewers on the dinner menu (these are only available during dinner).

Izakaya Jiro: Fruit sake

For our visit, the team selected the dishes across both menus and where we can, we will advise which menu these were from. The dinner menu included a lot of share style dishes whereas lunch contained more single serves.

Izakaya Jiro: Spicy miso fish Izakaya Jiro: Wagyu beef tataki

We started off with two appetisers from their dinner menu, spicy miso fish and beef tataki. The chilli used in the spicy miso fish dish is made in house and was not overly spicy. The idea is to put the mixed diced sashimi on top of the crispy rice and to eat it in one bite. The combination of crisp and spicy mixture made this an excellent starter.

On the lunch menu, there is also a wagyu beef tataki starter which is served with a tataki sauce whereas the dinner version is a little richer in flavours with the onion (a nice crunch), radish and quail egg which is mixed together to create a sauce for the wagyu beef.

Izakaya Jiro: Jiro maki Izakaya Jiro: Grilled mackerel

Next up, both from the dinner menu were dishes off their sushi and sashimi section and their grilled section. We loved the fresh maki roll with a good combination of sashimi which was served with tempura flakes for that added extra flavour and aroma. The grilled mackerel is a very traditional Japanese dish with a lovely grilled flavour coming through.

Izakaya Jiro: Jiro's deluxe bento Izakaya Jiro: Wagyu sukiyaki hot pot

I’ve always been a fan of bento boxes for the variety, especially when ordering for yourself or when it’s a smaller group. Izakaya Jiro’s lunch menu has a bento box section and this one is one of their most popular bentos and we could totally understand why just based on the variety. Takoyaki had a good chunk of octopus in there, tempura was crisp with some areas a little more battered than others, teriyaki chicken had a good grill flavour to it and was not overpowered by teriyaki sauce.

From the chef’s special, the wagyu sukiyaki was very tasty with a generous portion of wagyu and vegetables. This was served with a raw egg which was to be used as a dipping sauce for the wagyu.

Izakaya Jiro: Matcha ice cream and citrus sorbet

Aiming to be the best Japanese in the eastern suburbs, we think Izakaya Jiro is a strong contender. The chef, owner and manager are all Japanese hence keeping everything quite authentic. We will definitely be putting this one on our list to come back with our families.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Fruit sake
  • Spicy miso fish with crispy rice; mix sashimi diced with spicy miso and crispy rice cube ($6.80)
  • Wagyu beef tataki; lightly seared wagyu beef with thinly sliced onion and plum flavoured grated radish with a quail egg ($12.80)
  • Jiro maki; Jiro’s unique combination seafood sushi roll ($12.80)
  • Grilled mackerel with ponzu sauce and daikon ($15)
  • Jiro’s deluxe bento; all in one bento. Daily appetisers, assorted sashimi, sushi rolls, assorted tempura, chicken teriyaki, takoyaki, rice and miso soup ($19.80)
  • Wagyu sukiyaki hot pot with raw egg and mixed veges ($25)
  • Matcha ice cream
  • Citrus sorbet

Address: 830 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122
Phone: (03) 9818 7163


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