Stocksville (Ashwood)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Stocksville and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Located within a small strip of shops, the angle parking out the front is only half an hour Monday to Saturday with no limit on a Sunday. We parked in the surrounding streets which had no parking limit except for a small section which was 1P.


Stocksville: Entrance Stocksville: Bench style seating

Towards the front of the venue (on the left-hand side) are bench-style seats looking out of the venue. A large communal table sits just between the bench style seats and the counter. On the right-hand side of the venue are normal dining tables against a grey wooden plank wall with interesting light fixtures that look like the wood is ‘peeling’ off the wall (I went again recently at my own expense and I was still in awe of these light fixtures!).

Stocksville: Courtyard

Walking further into the venue, the kitchen is at the back left. Through the doors at the back is a small enclosed courtyard with the interior design extending to this area. This was where we sat for our visit on a 31 degree day and it did start to get a little toasty after a while with only a fan to cool this area.

Something to note is if you sit in the pictured table (like we did), the staff walked back and forth to access the storage room right next to it (you can just see the door on the right of the image).


As usual, we started off with our drinks. Mocha was well balanced with a good caffeine hit but not a very strong coffee flavour to it. Looking at the menu, there were a mix of breakfast/brunch dishes but also heavier lunch type dishes (not that you couldn’t have these for brunch!) such as burrito, burger, pasta and wraps.

Stocksville: Mexican fritters Stocksville: The benny

Our attention, however, was drawn to the venue’s breakfast/brunch dishes. The Mexican fritters had a slight heat to it which increasingly got hotter and hotter. We loved the tomato, cucumber, corn and red onion salsa which gave it that Mexican flavour to the dish.

The benny was overall a sweet tasting dish with fresh apple pieces on top. Instead of the traditional English muffins, this one has two hashes. The hashes are exactly how you would expect a hash to be with the tiny potato flakes inside and a crispy exterior.

Both dishes were a nice size that allowed you to leave satisfied or add side dishes or even have a third sweet dish to share if you have a bigger appetite.

Stocksville: Ricotta hot cakes

The hotcake dish takes about 15 minutes to prepare and looked very impressive with the hardened sugar feature on top and the largest lump of ice cream we have ever seen. The texture of the hotcake was less cakey and if we had to liken the texture to something, it reminded us of a crumpet although it was much softer and more dough like. While we aren’t an expert in hotcakes, the hotcake did appear to be a little under in the centre. The butterscotch flavour was a winner with a generous amount of strawberries and blueberries.

We love seeing more cafes opening up in this area and we must admit, we previously had no reason to even head into the suburb, Ashwood but finding out about places like this, always surprises us. With the majority of the dishes reasonably priced (either under $20 or just a little above), this will definitely be one that I will be introducing to friends.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Mexican fritters; poached egg, corn, zucchini, tomato, avocado, red onion, radish, coriander, jalapenos, chipotle sauce ($18.50)
  • The benny; poached eggs, hash browns, pulled pork, hollandaise, apple slaw, chorizo crumb ($18.50)
  • Ricotta hotcakes; ricotta; berries, maple butterscotch, ice cream ($18.50)
  • Mocha ($3.90)

Address: 3 Cleveland Rd, Ashwood VIC 3147
Phone: (03) 8395 3937


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