Legacy (Camberwell)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Legacy and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Legacy is a venue that we have been to before in the past, when they first opened which was quite a few years ago now. We arrived on a Sunday at 11:30am and found parking on Crescent Road which had no parking signs (and therefore no limits!). Parking is also available on the street with some that are ticketed and others are 1P Monday to Saturday (on Saturday there’s no limit after 1pm).

Approaching the venue, we could see a small line of people waiting outside. We put our names on the waitlist (by giving our name and mobile to a staff member there) which automatically queues you in a system called ‘Waitmate’. Reading the spill on the confirmation SMS, you can apparently add yourself to the list before arriving to the venue because as the venue says #waitingstinks with a poo emoji and all for effect.


The venue is cosy in size with bench style tables on either side of the door against the windows at the front. The coffee counter is on the left with a long communal table at the centre of the venue. Looking further into the venue is the kitchen and a small dining area on the right.

Legacy: Counter Legacy: Right side

The interior is industrial with a combination of exposed pipes in the ceiling, brick tiling the floor which runs up the counter and walls and greenery draping off the walls.


Being that we dined on quite a hot day, we both ordered icy cold drinks. Mr J had his usual matcha latte which Mr J requested to be an iced matcha latte (this was not available on the menu) which was no problem for the venue. The match was prominent in flavour in a nice green latte and unsweetened which is just the way Mr J prefers (me? Sweetened all the way!)

Legacy: Iced coffee

I had the iced coffee with ice cream (there was an option to just have it iced). This was served in a cute jar with a paper straw (which I know some of you would appreciate). A nice strong coffee with just enough ice cream to sweeten it (was not too overly sweet).

Legacy: Sushi bowl Legacy: Sweet potato, kale and amaranth fritters

Shortly after our first visit, the venue introduced the sushi bowl which I have been eyeing since so it was a no brainer what I was going to eat this visit. The sushi bowl arrived with a generous serving of avocado and 5 slices of salmon on a bed of hot rice (which we were thrown off by as we did not expect the dish to be hot given sushi is typically a cold item). Because the rice was hot, the salmon ended up cooking over the rice.

We took the recommendation of one of the staff at the venue and ordered the fritters. The fritters arrived as a stack of three with chutney (yum!) on the top which we had to ration across the three fritters. The fritters were crispy around the edges and eaten with the goats cheese, it was a little thick in consistency.

Legacy: Hokey pokey hotcakes

We finished off with the hotcake which was recently revamped (not too sure how this looked or tasted previously). This came out piping hot (such that the mascarpone was melting) and was just cooked. Crispy on the outside and not too overly sweet, the hot cake was presented in a very simple manner on the plate.

We loved that the venue uses waitmate which allows diners to add themselves to the queue. While I am perfectly happy to wait, when catching up with friends, I hate making them wait with me to get into a brunch venue so this is a huge plus.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Konomi matcha latte ($6)
  • Iced coffee with ice-cream ($7)
  • Sushi bowl with salmon tataki, avocado, nori, watermelon radish, pickled ginger, sushi rice, spring onions, shichimi chilli and a fried egg ($21)
  • Sweet potato, kale and amaranth fritters with goats cheese, Kaiser bacon and cherry vine tomato chutney ($18) + poached egg ($2)
  • Hokey pokey hotcakes with honeycomb, orange, ricotta, vanilla bean mascarpone with a berry sauce and fresh strawberries ($18)

Address: 347 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell VIC 3124
Phone: (03) 9041 1796


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