Osteria 20 (Hawthorn)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Osteria 20 and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Arriving for lunch on a Saturday, we parked on Kinkora Road which has no limit on a Saturday (its normally 2P Monday to Friday). One side is permit zone so be sure to check the signs.

The name ‘Osteria 20’ is made up of the word ‘osteria’ which are restaurants in Italy that serve simple food and drinks that is available on the menu that day and 20 represents the 20 regions of Italy. Having been in operation for 1.5 years, Osteria 20 is passionate about bringing affordable wines to diners and has a large variety of Australian, French and Italian wines.


The venue is located in a corner with glass windows at the front of the venue which slide open to seamlessly bring outdoor indoors. We sat at the front of the venue on a beautiful cool sunny day and really enjoyed the outdoor atmosphere (and luckily no flies!).

Osteria 20: Front Osteria 20: Entrance

On entry, there’s a small dining area and counter on either side. The dining area on the left hand side offers bar height tables while the right has booth style seating. Walking further into the venue, on the left is the bar with the kitchen running along the back, a function room on the far right and the space between the bar and function room filled with tables of all sizes to cater for all party sizes.

Osteria 20: Right dining area Osteria 20: Dining area and kitchen


The A3 sized menu offers a range of entrees, salads, mains (protein and vegetarian mains), pastas (which are also available gluten free), pizza, sides and a kids menu. The venue also offers specials such as lunch specials Monday to Friday, pasta nights on Monday from 5pm (for selected pastas $19.50), pizza nights on Wednesday from 5pm (for all pizza $14) and family time on Sundays where kids under 12 get 50% off and free ice cream.

The venue chose two entrees, a salad, two mains and two desserts for us to try and we can safely say that between the two of us this was more than enough food (we had left overs! I had the pizza for breakfast, is that acceptable?). We would recommend an entree to share, a salad/side (optional; depends how hungry you are/how full you want to be), two mains and a dessert to share for two.

Osteria 20: Prosciutto cotto e piselli Osteria 20: Polpette

For our two entrees, our favourite was the ‘prosciutto cotto e piselli’ (kind of like a croquette) which was crispy on the outside with a creamy filling, a good amount of peas, ham and a subtle mint flavour. The ‘polpette’ arrived as a serving of 5 meatballs, each with very very finely minced meat (almost like the meat had been through a blender; a texture that we weren’t quite use to for a meatball).

Osteria 20: Roasted bosc pear

The ‘roasted bosc pear’ salad was sweet, fresh and a good serving size for at least 3. It almost seemed like it was bottomless as we were digging into the very deep bowl.

Osteria 20: Prosciutto Osteria 20: Linguini osteria

The prosciutto on this pizza was cooked which was different to the usual prosciutto pizza’s we’ve had in the past i.e. prosciutto is just added on top after the pizza is cooked. The pizza base was slightly thicker and not the kind that’s thin and moist (which is what Mr J prefers). What we learnt was that Italian pizzas should ideally have no more than three toppings as the focus is on the quality of those ingredients.

The pasta we tried was one of the selected pastas that you can get from their pasta night on Monday, the ‘linguine osteria’. The calamari was tender, prawns had a nice firmness to it and the finely cut zucchini gave the pasta a nice overall texture.

Osteria 20: Tiramisu Osteria 20: Panna cotta with pomegranate

To finish off our very filling feast, we shared the panna cotta which was the creamy style (not the gelatin style) and the tiramisu which had a balanced ratio of lady fingers to mascarpone with a subtle coffee flavour (enough to know it’s there).

The venue is perfect for casual gatherings and is very family friendly. While we were there, we saw a mix of diners come in. From families with kids to tables who came in for a drink through to tables like us having a full blown meal/feast.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Prosciutto cotto e piselli; leg ham, pea and mint croquette served with black garlic aioli ($14)
  • Polpette; wagyu beef meatballs with tomato sugo, scamorza ($16)
  • Roasted bosc pear; witlof, hazelnuts, shaved cucumber ($15)
  • Linguini osteria; pan roasted prawns, calamari, zucchini, garlic, olive oil and fresh tomato ($32)
  • Prosciutto; San Marzana tomatoes, San Daniele prosciutto, mozzarella, black garlic, rocket, buffalo cheese ($23)
  • Panna cotta with pomegranate
  • Tiramisu

Fo0die notes

The notes below are current and accurate at the time of writing but please do check before going to avoid any disappointment as things can suddenly change.

Address: 818 Glenferrie Rd, Hawthorn VIC 3122
Phone: (03) 9818 3600


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