Fujitei (St Kilda)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Fujitei and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Located in St Kilda, we took a tram from the CBD out on a Friday evening. The venue’s name ‘Fujitei’ has a lovely back story with the owner taking part of the name from his own father’s dental business and their own family name. The owner brings his experience as a general manager of another very popular Japanese restaurant, Shiranui in Glen Waverley, to Fujitei and aims to bring the freshest produce to the table.


Fujitei: Exterior Fujitei: Entrance

Straight through the doors is a narrow entry with a bar/counter on one side. 

Fujitei: Dining area Fujitei: Japanese garden

Walking straight through, turning right leads you into the dining area and kitchen. Right in the centre of this area is a lantern tree. 

The venue also has a courtyard with a beautiful stone and bamboo garden.


The A4 sized display book style menu contains a few pages for drinks; sake, umeshu,  cocktails, Japanese whiskey, Japanese beers, local and imported beers, wines and the usual fruit juices and soft drinks. Food wise, for those who prefer to leave the menu to the venue, Fujitei offers a ‘Chefs mini banquet’ for $88 per person which includes entree, sashimi, mains, sushi and dessert. For those, like us, who like to surf the menu and pick what to eat, Fujitei’s menu has a good selection of appetisers/entrees, tempura, sushi, maki rolled sushi, carpaccio, sashimi, salad, noodle and grilled dishes.

Fujitei: Oyster shooter Fujitei: Soy duck breast

We started with three dishes from the appetisers/entree section. The first was the oyster shooter with oysters from Tasmania (not the salty kind but the creamy one) in a refreshing sour ponzu and dill sauce. Perfect to get the taste buds going.

The soy duck breast was tender and went well with oil based soy sauce and seeded mustard on the plate.

Fujitei: Soft shell crab

Our third appetiser/entree was the soft shell crab served with kewpie which is my personal weakness, I would have this stuff on everything if I could. Mr J had majority of this dish which was golden and crispy (I still can’t get over the mental hurdle of eating a crab whole… shell and all).

Fujitei: Fujitei signature carpaccio Fujitei: Fujitei maki 

The venue has a good range of ala carte carpaccio options, such as tuna, salmon, kingfish, scallop and octopus. We had the scallop with fried leek and alfalfa (loved the addition of fried leek). The basil olive oil vinaigrette sauce gave the dish a punch of flavour with the natural sweetness of the almost jelly like scallop coming through at the end. One of our favourites of the night.

The Fujitei special maki roll with salmon and tuna was served with a spicy mayo which gave it a little kick. The tempura crumb around the outside, gave the maki roll a touch of crispiness and flavour which we really enjoyed.

Fujitei: Houba yaki (grilled magnolia leaf) Fujitei: Gin dara saikyo miso yaki

One of our two main dishes was a seasonal special. Cooked on a magnolia leaf with a layer of miso paste, the wagyu beef was served blue or rare and was literally ready to eat as soon as it hit the table. While I had mine pretty much as you see it in the image, Mr J had his little closer to medium by leaving it on the leaf and letting it cook.

Our second main was the black cod miso which was cooked perfectly and seasoned just right (miso was not too overpowering). We were advised that although the skin is edible, it is quite chewy (we happily left that behind on the plate).

Fujitei: Nigiri sushi chef's selection

The last of our dishes was chef’s selection of nigiri sushi. This was served with basil oil and raspberry puree which is a little different to the usual soy (which was also available if you wished to stick with the traditional).

Fujitei: Sesame panna cotta

We finished the meal with this beautifully roasted black sesame flavoured ice cream and sesame panna cotta which reminded us of a mochi in flavour but in a panna cotta style. This was a creation by the owner’s mother.

Come to Fujitei for modern fusion Japanese (and not a traditional Japanese feed) and the fresh produce which they presented in all the dishes we tried.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Oyster shooter; freshly shucked oyster with ponzu and salmon roe ($6 each)
  • Soy duck breast; sliced steamed duck breast with mustard and duck soy ($15)
  • Soft shell crab; deep fried soft shell crab with mayonnaise ($14)
  • Fujitei signature carpaccio; salmon marinated in original blended basil olive oil vinaigrette ($22 for 5 pieces)
  • Fujitei maki; inside out tuna and salmon sushi roll, coated in crispy tempura, topped with ikura (salmon roe) ($15)
  • Houba yaki (grilled magnolia leaf); premium wagyu beef cooked over enhanced miso paste on dry houba leaf. Topped with shiraganegi (julienne cute spring onions) ($46)
  • Gin dara saikyo miso yaki; cured black code in chef’s special miso, grilled to enhance the flavour ($22)
  • Nigiri sushi chef’s selection; tuna, snapper and salmon ($33 for 2 pieces of 3 types)
  • Sesame panna cotta

Address: 17 Wellington St, St Kilda VIC 3182
Phone: (03) 9529 8505


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