Down the Rabbit Hole (Templestowe)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Down the Rabbit Hole and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

We arrived at the 1.5 years old venue on a Saturday morning (11:30am) and easily found parking. The venue is located within a small strip of shops and there was thankfully a good amount of parking to service the amount of shops in the strip. While there wasn’t a huge line at the time we arrived, the cafe itself was bustling inside.

Something we’re always asking venues is where the name of the venue comes from. And in this instance, given the name of the venue, we were curious and had assumed it had something to do with perhaps Alice in Wonderland but we were pleasantly surprised by the response to our question. The owner said their children actually came up with the name because there are a lot of rabbits in Templestowe (something Mr J can attest to as he grew up in the area).


Down the Rabbit Hole: Exterior Down the Rabbit Hole: Coffee window

Located on a corner with seating around the front of the venue and at the side of the venue, bright yellow umbrellas and gas heaters help to give this area some shade and heating depending on the Melbourne weather. On the side is a coffee window for takeaway coffees or coffee orders with some stools for those after a quick express coffee.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Interior Down the Rabbit Hole: Courtyard

After waiting at the front to be seated, we went in through the doors and straight into the dining area which has been arranged in an L shape around the counter and kitchen area. The interior is filled with timber square poles and gives you the feeling that you are going down the rabbit hole as you walk further into the venue. 

At the back is a small courtyard with a few steps going up to a variety of seating options with white umbrellas offering some shelter from the weather.


The A4 sized menu offers a modern day lunch menu with a twist on one side of the menu and the other is dedicated to drinks (the venue is licensed) and a kids menu. Something worth noting is that the venue offers free sparkling and still water.

We had our usual matcha and mocha to kick start our system. The matcha arrived with a honey satchel to sweeten yourself and was on the grassier side. The mocha tasted dark and slightly more on the coffee side than chocolate and was nice and strong.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Yuzu benedict Down the Rabbit Hole: Beyond the rabbit hole

I had the yuzu benedict which is a twist on the classic eggs benedict. The roesti was made up of shredded potato in a crispy crunchy exterior. The yuzu was subtle and went well with the saltiness from the bacon which was a mix of lean and fat.

Mr J had the slow cooked lamb dish which was overall a very sweet dish thanks to the carrots with a good lamb flavour. This was a generous serving with plenty of carrots and lamb which we had to season a little with the salt and pepper at the table.

Down the Rabbit Hole: Maxijohn Down the Rabbit Hole: Bronuts

Finishing off with a sweet dish that Mr J really enjoyed (which is what lifted the overall rating). The waffles aren’t the traditional fluffy texture but instead a little more dense like a gingerbread (and it tasted like gingerbread too). With plenty of blueberries in both the semifreddo and scattered around the plate (the largest blueberries we have every seen), there was no doubting that this was a blueberry semifreddo. We appreciated the nice strong flavours in both the lemon curd and blueberry gel; definitely the highlight of our visit (along with the venues signature sweet; the bronuts which the venue makes fresh daily at 5am).

Wanting to bring good food and something a little different to quiet Templestowe, we think the waffle and bronuts definitely check the box.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Yuzu benedict; Istra bacon, roesti, poached eggs, hollandaise and yuzu dust ($17)
  • Beyond the rabbit hole; slow cooked lamb, heirloom carrots, cucumber, smoked yoghurt, hazelnut crumble ($20)
  • Maxijohn; gingerbread waffle, blueberry gel, lemon curd, lemon and blueberry semifreddo, meringue ($19)
  • Bronuts
  • Mocha ($3.50)
  • Organic matcha latte ($4)

Address: 8/22 Newmans Rd, Templestowe VIC 3106
Phone: (03) 9846 8446


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