Ton and Co (Windsor)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Ton and Co and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

After a very short walk from Prahran train station, we arrived at the one month old venue (opened early June 2018). Headed by a chef who previously owned a restaurant in Malaysia dedicated to the less popular protein, pork, Ton & Co aims to showcase how pork can also be very tasty when done right.


The entrance walks you straight into the dining area with the counter and kitchen to the left back corner of the venue. The venue is clean and simple with tables arranged in neat rows, on the night we dined.

Ton and co: Interior Ton and co: Interior 2


The A4 sized menu was simply organised into four sections, signature tonkatsu, mains (which had two dishes for those who wanted something else besides pork), sides and dessert.

Ton and Co: Ox tongue skewers Ton and Co: Soy-candied pecans salad

We started with two dishes off the ‘sides and accompaniments’ section which were recommended to us. The ox tongue (not something we would normally order), had a nice grilled taste to it with a little spice to go with the firm and smooth texture.

The salad had a perfect balance of earthy, creamy, salty and sweet flavours; making the salad very appetising to have as a side. Definitely something we would recommend for the table!

Ton and Co: Signature tonkatsu pork striploin Ton and Co: Poached salmon, honey miso glaze

The tonkatsu section had a good selection of cuts to suit each person’s preference. From the fattier tomahawk through to the lean tenderloin to the inbetween striploin. On the night we dined, the tenderloin was unavailable (our preference is lean) so we had the striploin which was so tender and slightly pink. The exterior was very crispy and served with shredded cabbage and a house made sesame sauce (in lieu of the traditional tonkatsu sauce), which was on the saltier side but together with the tonkatsu, it complemented the protein perfectly.

For those not fond of pork, the venue also had a fish and vegetarian dish available on the menu. Mr J had the poached salmon which was perfectly cooked and a nice large fillet. The seaweed crust gave it some added texture and a nori flavour which went well with the mushroom broth.

While we had the tonkatsu dish on this occasion, we are intrigued by their pork steak which the venue has worked for months with suppliers to get the perfect cut for their dish. Don’t rule out pork until you’ve tried Ton and Co’s dishes.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Ox tongue skewers; 18 hours, tare sauce, togarashi, sesame oil ($12)
  • Soy-candied pecans salad; rocket and frisse, sesame dressing, ricotta, honey, sesame ($12)
  • Signature tonkatsu pork striploin; tender lean cut with cap of fat served with house made sesame sauce, mustard and cabbage salad with sesame dressing ($21)
  • Poached salmon, honey miso glaze, seaweed crust, shiitake mushroom broth, sake steamed leeks ($27)

Address: 118 High St, Windsor VIC 3181
Phone: (03) 9023 3396


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