Ro Brighton (Brighton)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Ro Brighton and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Located near a corner, we found parking on the side street (take care to look at the signs as one side has no limit whereas the other has a 2P limit Monday to Friday). Ro Brighton is a new Japanese charcoal grill meat venue which was only merely one month old when we dined.


Ro Brighton: Exterior Ro Brighton: Interior

Approaching the venue, there were some seats at the front of the venue. Through the door, the kitchen is the feature of the venue with some seating right in front of the kitchen (gives a bit of Japanese vibes to the venue). Additional tables are arranged in an ‘L’ shape in this cosy venue, against the venue’s front windows and around the kitchen area.


The menu’s are presented simply on a brown clipboard. Something to note is that the dinner menu is different to their lunch menu and we were fortunate enough to sample a number of dishes from their dinner menu (which we will call out below). 

Ro Brighton: Yuzu lemonade

While waiting, we freshened up with the yuzu lemonade which was refreshing, bubbly and sweet. The venue is licensed and has a small drinks menu with sparkling, white, rose and red (both by the glass and bottle).

Ro Brighton: Snapper carpaccio Ro Brighton: Sample of R.F.C

The special of the day was this snapper carpaccio, slightly different to the more usual kingfish, the mix of shallots and sun dried tomatoes made this dish very tasty. We then moved onto the R.F.C which is one of their most popular dishes at the venue (this was a sample size and available on both their lunch and dinner menu). So crispy with a flavoursome sauce that was slightly chilli; no wonder it’s a favourite!

Ro Brighton: Fish tartare Ro Brighton: Yakiniku

From their dinner menu, we had their the fish tartare and yakiniku. The fish tartare was beautifully presented with the tartare in a small jar, letting guests have a little fun self serving at the table. With an abundance of different textures with the mix of fishes along with the creaminess of the avocado and crispness of the nori, this dish was one of my favourites (along with the yakiniku!).

Yakiniku was served with an onsen egg in the centre and interestingly enough with peking duck skins. We were recommended by the owner to try the dish without mixing the egg into the yakiniku and then mix it in. The yakiniku itself had a lovely smokey flavour to it and sliced soo thinly and with the egg mixed into it, there was an extra moistness to the overall dish. Mr J preferred the dish without the egg whereas I was indifferent and loved both.

Ro Brighton: Choice of 5 skewers + sample of pork belly

The venue wants to be known for their chargrilled menu items (hence the name ‘Ro’ which means fire in Japanese) so it only seemed fitting that we tried their dishes off their charcoal skewer section of their dinner menu. While you can order the different skewers which came in pairs or 3 pieces, the menu also has an option of a choice of 5 skewers if you wanted to try a bit of everything. All the skewers had a slightly smokey flavour with tsukune being my personal favourite (chicken and pork meatballs with tare sauce, spring onion and 65 degree egg that you dip into).

We also sampled their pork belly dish which the venue made into a skewer for us (pictured at the bottom) to try. Something that they sometimes do on request for those that just want to try the dish but not necessarily order the entire dish. The sauce on this was soo tasty and slightly sweet and when compared to the skewers, the flavour of this was much more stronger in taste.

Ro Brighton: Kingfish with apple kim chi salad Ro Brighton: Creamy salmon Ro poke

The kingfish with apple kim chi was previously a special and due to popular demand, the dish will be included in the venue’s normal menu (uncertain whether this will be their lunch or dinner menu though). A slightly spicy salad paired with a nicely grilled piece of fish which was very appetising to the taste buds.

Off the lunch menu we tried one of their Ro poke bowls with a side of miso. The miso had a good amount of radish, seaweed and tofu pieces (was perfect for the cold day we visited). We love our poke bowls and this one was very flavoursome with the furitake (rice seasoning) and colourful with the different ingredients added together (the venue makes the beetroot pickle in house; even Mr J who’s not a pickle lover enjoyed it).

Don’t come into Ro Brighton expecting traditional Japanese with the sashimi and sushi platters. You won’t even find sushi on their menu (although many guests came in asking for sushi), they only make uramaki (inside out rolls with the rice on the outside) rolls on request. The venue is very much a modern Japanese restaurant with some twists taken from other cuisines.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Yuzu lemonade
  • Snapper carpaccio with sun dried tomatoes, shallots with a ponzu olive oil
  • R.F.C; fried chicken ribs with Ro special flavour
  • Yakiniku; thinly sliced beef, marinated with house made yakiniku sauce, spring onion, sesame, onsen tamago with peking duck pancakes ($22)
  • Fish tartare; cured fish, chive with crispy nori with house made spice dust ($20)
  • Choice of 5 skewers ($22), our choices:
    • Chicken wings
    • Chicken thigh
    • Chicken breast
    • Tsukune
    • Enoki mushroom rolled in thinly slice pork belly
  • Pork belly; braised pork belly, tare sauce, watercress, garlic chips with wasabi
  • Kingfish with apple kim chi salad
  • Creamy salmon Ro poke; avocado, seaweed salad, curi tsukemono, edamame, kimchi, quinoa, crispy nori, veg furitake, roasted sesame seeds and spring onion ($16.50)

Address: 411 Bay St, Brighton VIC 3186
Phone: 0435 413 428


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