MOM (Market on Malvern) Cafe (Prahran)

Fo0die dined as a guest of MOM (Market on Malvern) Cafe and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

We arrived at the two year old venue on Saturday 11:30am and found parking on Cromwell Street which is 2P everyday. A lot of the surrounding streets are 2P up until 1pm on a Saturday while on the street, where the venue is located, there’s a section that’s normally a clear way zone which turns into all day parking on weekends (this section was full when we got there)

Market on Malvern or MOM cafe is both a health and wellness clinic and cafe in one. The venue’s vision is to take care of their clients in both health and food from the clinic side of the business while also providing their offerings to the general public. The kitchen is allergen free, gluten-free and a celiac kitchen.


The venue is interesting with two separate doors to the venue, one for the clinic side and one for the cafe side. Walking through the cafe doors we quickly realized that the two doors actually lead to one large venue but different counters.

MOM Cafe: Entry

There’s seating near the entrance with a large counter on the right which extends to the clinic side. Behind the counter you will find an interesting mix of coffee and a cabinet with multivitamins and pillows.

MOM Cafe: Courtyard 1

Looking further into the venue, there’s additional seating leading to the kitchen and doors that lead out to a side courtyard with a couple of seats. This section of the cafe has bi-fold doors which can open up to create a seamless space into the outdoor courtyard on a nice calm day.

The interior is simple but comfortable and calming with the wooden floorboards which continue up the counter and a very neutral palette of colours and a touch of draping greenery. Where we were seated, the tables did shake a little as the staff walked back and forth to the kitchen.

MOM Cafe: Lounge area MOM Cafe: Courtyard 2

Turning right at the counter leads you to the clinic area where there’s additional seating, a small lounge/waiting area with a fireplace and a hallway filled with clinical rooms. At the end of the hallway, a door leads you outside to much larger enclosed undercover courtyard with heaters and a smaller building with more clinical rooms at the back.


The laminated A4 menu has an impressive number of drinks on one side of the menu and an all day menu on the other side which is separated into breakfast and ‘something more’. On this occasion, we both chose something off the ‘something more’ section.

MOM Cafe: The drinks

Matcha came out steaming hot (Mr J appreciates that) with a subtle matcha flavour and on the milkier side. This arrived in quite a large cup for the price in comparison to other places and not too overly sweet. My mocha was not overly sweet with a dark chocolate flavour to it and subtle coffee flavour.

Once hot drinks were done we shared a smoothie. The pitaya was a vibrant pink colour and easy to drink with the coconut and pineapple in it. Not super sweet such that it tastes like a prima (Mr J’s words) and very refreshing.

MOM Cafe: Chinese five-spice bone broth

Given it is winter, Mr J opted for the soup noodle option which arrived with three well seasoned tenderloins and an extra cup of broth (I may or may not have snuck a few sips here and there). The tenderloins balanced perfectly with the bone broth and noodle. And did you know that from the time the broth starts being made, it is reduced over a week before it lands in a bowl and onto the table? You can just imagine how rich the broth was.

MOM Cafe: Okonomiyaki

Okonomiyaki, always a favourite of mine. This version had a bit more batter than cabbage in terms of the ratio. There’s a hint of chilli which gave it a nice spicy kick and wasn’t overly drenched in sauce (Mr J approves).

When I hear food as medicine, a part of me always thinks of the plain food I would eat as a child when I was unwell. Thankful to say, the venue serves tasty food and the two dishes we had were filling.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Chinese five-spice bone broth; seared tamari and maple chicken tenderloins, konjac noodles, fresh oyster mushrooms, Chinese broccoli, wakame and chia seeds ($20.90)
  • Okonomiyaki; Japanese cabbage pancakes with fried organic tofu, kombucha mayo, crispy shallots and coriander ($18.90)
  • Matcha latte ($5)
  • Mocha ($3.90)
  • Pitaya smoothie; pitaya, banana, young coconut flesh, pineapple with coconut water ($12)

Address: 388 Malvern Rd, Prahran VIC 3181
Phone: (03) 9529 7701


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