Cornerstone of Northcote (Northcote)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Cornerstone of Northcote and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

We arrived at the 5 month old venue and easily found parking on a side street which had no parking signs (therefore we assumed there is no limit). The venue is located on a corner (hence the name of the venue) and is conveniently located near Dennis train station. On a Saturday at 11:30am, the venue was calm and is very much a local cafe with many locals dropping in for a coffee with breakfast.


Cornerstone of Northcote: Venue Cornerstone of Northcote: Interior

As we approached the venue, we could see two large communal tables that seat approximately eight comfortably with large umbrellas above them. Walking straight through the sliding door reveals a cosy interior. There’s a counter and small kitchen on the left with a line of tables on the right against the window and a few more tables just around the counter towards the end of the venue.


The A4 sized laminated menu is double sided with one side filled with smoothie bowls and an all day breakfast menu and the other side filled with all day lunch menu, sandwiches and a kids section. 

Cornerstone of Northcote: Beetroot latte

On the separate drinks menu, we selected from their range of lattes. Mr J went with he’s usual matcha latte which he found was different to the usual matcha he’s tasted before; it wasn’t seaweedy or the grassy flavour that he usually expected. I had the beetroot latte for something different which was lightly sweetened with a cinnamon flavour to it.

Cornerstone of Northcote: CS avo cup Cornerstone of Northcote: Koji chicken

We had two of their popular dishes from each side of the menu. From the all day breakfast menu, I had the CS avo cup which was a nice change up from the usual avocado dishes being offered at many other cafes. I must admit that I was a little intimidated with the amount of herbs on top of the seed bread (thinking I would feel like a rabbit) but was pleasantly surprised when it actually wasn’t too overwhelming. Out of interest I did enquire whether one was meant to pour the contents of the cup out or just eat out of the cup as you go and the response was, ‘whatever goes’ and it was put in a cup to allow for that control; very considerate and clever I must say.

Mr J had a dish off the all day lunch menu and he cannot forget the koji mariade used on the chicken. With a generous portion of chicken which was nicely grilled, Mr J only wished for more of the waffles to go with the amount of chicken.

Cornerstone of Northcote: Coconut charcoal waffles

Half expecting this to be a sweet dish like many cafe’s waffle dishes, we were pleasantly surprised to find that the waffle wasn’t overly sweet and was in fact a dish one could eat for breakfast (not that you can’t have dessert for breakfast; I’m all for it). The waffle was crispy and so light (Mr J has a strong preference for waffles like this whereas I don’t discriminate; cake texture or crispy and light, love them all).

The venue has created some beautiful tasting dishes from their small kitchen and although the first two dishes did take a little longer than what we expected to come out, the waffle dish came out very quickly. 

Cornerstone of Northcote has recently extended their liquor license to 10pm and will start offering a small tapas menu along with drinks on Friday and Saturday nights. Something to check out and if what we had is an example of what the team can do, then we’re expecting the tapas to be also amazing!

Dishes that make up this review

  • Koji chicken, potato waffle, fermented slaw, CS kewpie style mayo ($20)
  • CS avo cup, poached egg, mixed herbs, feta, nuts, seeds, cultured cream, hibiscus jelly on seed bread ($18.50)
  • Coconut charcoal waffles with a blood orange reduction, coconut yoghurt and cacao nibs ($17)
  • Beetroot latte ($4)
  • Match latte ($4)

Address: 8/57 Victoria Rd, Northcote VIC 3070
Phone: (03) 9489 1471


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