Skybar and Kitchen (Glen Waverley)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Skybar and Kitchen and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Skybar and Kitchen: Building

Located on a street just off the busy Kingsway in Glen Waverley, Skybar and Kitchen is located on the top floor (6th floor) of what we can only describe as a strangely out of place building in a relatively low rise area (the other buildings are mostly two storeys). We arrived to the venue on a quiet and rainy Saturday for lunch.


Exiting the lift, straight in front of the lift is the rooftop seating area which on the day we dined was wet from all the rain. The restrooms are located on the right hand side while the entrance to the Skybar and Kitchen is on the left.

Skybar and Kitchen: Rooftop Skybar and Kitchen: Interior

Walking into the venue, the bar is on the left side with some seating on the right. As we walked to the end, we turned left to find more seating and a small stage with large speakers. The entire venue is dimly lit with the natural lighting from the windows providing lighting.

A mix of seating options were available in the venue. From booth style seating on the two sides to larger tables with dark fabric chairs to smaller tables with wooden and padded chairs.


The A3 sized menu is folded in three with the dishes categorised into starters (hot and cold separately), mains, salads, kids and desserts.

We started off the meal with our usual matcha and mocha. Both drinks arrived with a pack of sugar served on the side. The matcha was unsweetened (or very mildly if it was), a bit on the grassier side and not overly strong in matcha flavour. While my mocha was more like a hot chocolate and mild coffee flavour to it.

Skybar and Kitchen: Half moon bay pippies

Between the two of us we shared an entree, a main each and a dessert each. We started with the pippies which was served with butter grilled bread which was used to soak up the tomato based sauce that the pippies was sitting in. A good serving size for the two of us where we each got at least half a dozen of pippies each.

Skybar and Kitchen: Paella mariscos with pippies Skybar and Kitchen: Grilled Atlantic salmon fillet with pasta

Onto the mains, I had the paella which arrived in a large round bowl with plenty of seafood. The crumbed and deep fried calamari was the highlight in the dish; they were so well seasoned, and I would totally have just that as my main! The paella had a similar texture to what you would expect of a risotto (this was something the staff advised us when we ordered as it is different to the normal paella). With no other place (i.e. a bucket) to place the mussel, prawn and pippie’s shells, I was very thankful that the serving bowl was large enough such that I could leave them on the sides. Mr J had the market fish of the day which was a nice thick fillet of salmon which was cooked well done in a tomato based sauce (very similar in terms of flavour and tanginess to the pippies and paella); this surprised us as we had expected this to be a creamy sauce based on the description. The penne which replaced the linguine, was cooked al dente (not too firm which we liked!)

Skybar and Kitchen: Cake and ice cream Skybar and Kitchen: Green tea panna cotta

After seeing table top signs advertising a $7 cake and ice cream, I was intrigued by it. On the day, they had unfortunately ran out of all other flavours and only had the passionfruit cheesecake which was fine by me. This was a mini cheesecake (the dessert tummy wanted a larger slice!) with a small scoop of ice cream, ideal for those after a small dessert to finish off their meal with. While the green tea panna cotta wasn’t going to stand the wobble test that we see a lot of on Instagram (it’s the soft creamy kind), Mr J loved the flavour of it.

Although the venue is only a stone throw away from the busy bustling Kingsway, the ambiance in the venue is calm and a break from all that. We are excited to see the venue grow and what comes next on the menu!

Dishes that make up this review

  • Half moon bay pippies with chorizo, chilli, garlic, EVOO and bread ($18)
  • Paella mariscos with pippies, king prawn, octopus, calamari, chorizo, saffron and parsley ($36)
  • Grilled Atlantic salmon fillet with creamy, garlic, chilli, mussels linguini (which was replaced with penne instead that day)
  • Passionfruit cheesecake with ice cream ($7) 
  • Green tea panna cotta with soil and amaretto cream ($14)

Address: 52 Montclair Ave, Glen Waverley VIC 3150
Phone: (03) 9561 9997


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