Pho 888 (Box Hill)

Located on the busy Station Street, we crossed the road from Box Hill Central to get to the venue. We were quickly seated when we walked in at 1pm on a Saturday. This is our second visit to the venue and as usual we expected minimal service.


The interior is what we would describe a little dated. The cashier and kitchen is located right at the back with the rest of the rectangular area occupied by tables set in an orderly fashion; 4 seater on the far left, 8 seater in the centre and 2 seaters on the far right all the way to the front of the venue.

Pho 888 - Interior

A large green crop scene occupies all of the left wall while mirrors occupy the right wall along with some red brick wall paper. The floors are tiled and turning a little grey from, what I assume used to be, white with timber tables and cushioned chairs occupying the dining space.


The menu is a simple plastic pocket display book, complete with images. The iced Vietnamese coffee was a good balance of sweet and had a strong coffee flavour (although if this was compared to the ones we’ve had in Vietnam, this was still weaker in coffee flavour).

Pho 888 - Sliced raw beef

On both our visits, we ordered the beef pho (which has increased by $1 since) and we were happy to say the pho was better on the second visit. This visit, the soup base wasn’t salty and while it wasn’t particularly strong in beef flavour, it had the usual sweetness to it; a very typical pho broth. The noodles were nice and silky, cooked perfectly and didn’t break apart as we tried to eat it like last time.

While the broth and noodle improved from the first visit, the meat was more on the fattier side compared to the lean meat from the first visit (which is our preference). We can only assume that this is luck of the draw. Condiments at the table included chilli oil, oyster sauce, fish sauce with bean sprouts, lemon and mint leaves served on the side before the pho hit our table.

For this particular visit, we stuck with just the soup noodles and therefore will rate based on just the soup noodles but we did want to note that on our first visit, I had the spring rolls vermicelli which is one of my favourite Vietnamese dishes. I am used to this dish being a ‘cold dish’, with maybe an exception to the spring rolls, but even the vermicelli was warm in that instance which I found a little unusual. Perhaps a dish I will have to try again to see whether it is a consistency issue.

A typical Vietnamese restaurant with no frills, dated decor and just Vietnamese food and quick service.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Sliced rare beef ($12 for medium)
  • Iced Vietnamese coffee ($4) 

Address: 552 Station St, Box Hill South VIC 3128
Phone: (03) 9890 1390


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