Naughty Nuri (Melbourne)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Naughty Nuri and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Conveniently located inside Melbourne Central on level 3 where Nandos and the Hoyts ticket counter is, Naughty Nuri is right next door to Pancake Parlour. The first Naughty Nuri venue opened up in Ubud in Bali when Brian from New Jersey met Nuri which is also how the venue name came about; Brian was nicknamed ‘naughty’ and together the venue name was created as ‘Naughty Nuri’.


Naughty Nuri: Venue exterior Naughty Nuri: Venue interior

The venue has a industrial but also shack like look to the front. Entering the venue, the bar and counter is straight in front with dining areas both to the right and left of the entrance. We turned to the right and walked past booths and normal tables to be seated right next to floor to ceiling windows.


The two year old venue has recently revamped their menu to focus on dishes they do best and offer more of an Indonesian fusion menu to the community in Melbourne (a menu that is different to what they offer in Bali).

The food menu is separated into small/shared dishes, mains, BBQ, sides and kids. Separately the venue also has a drinks/cocktail menu and sweets menu. Between the two of us, we had a cocktail each, one shared dish, a main and the half rack of their signature BBQ pork ribs, followed by a dessert. We were stuffed and had to take majority of the main dish as take away (we’re normally very conscious of only ordering what is reasonable but read on to see what threw us off in this instance).

Naughty Nuri: Jack rose and Johnny baby cocktails Naughty Nuri: Fried sambal chicken wings

Given the story of how the name ‘Naughty Nuri’ was created, it only seemed appropriate that the venue offered, love couple cocktails which follow the same idea but with names of well known couples such as Ellen Portia, Victoria David etc. Creative and beautiful looking cocktails, no complaints here.

Serving size wise, the shared dish, sambal chicken wings, was much larger than we had anticipated. While the menu stated 8 pieces, we had imagined a mix of wings and drumettes making up those 8 pieces but these were full size chicken wings with both (we think best shared between 4 or even more people)! This dish, as you can imagine, arrived on a huge plate and looked a little like loaded fries but with chicken wings instead and a bit of a kick to it if you get a piece with the toppings.

Naughty Nuri: Beef rendang Naughty Nuri: Nuri's famous BBQ pork ribs

The two mains we had were delicious. The beef rendang was a very meaty dish with not a lot of sauce (ours on the night was missing an element, the coconut chutney which we didn’t notice and therefore didn’t miss). The potato in the dish was a little firmer than what we had expected but otherwise a very tasty dish that we happily had the next day for lunch after taking it away. The signature BBQ pork ribs (and no wonder its their signature dish) was cooked perfectly with a caramelised exterior and amazing BBQ sauce that was a little sweet, definitely a dish we recommend trying. The dish even came with disposable gloves to keep your fingers/hands clean because we all know you can’t eat ribs with a knife and fork (though I believe Mr J would have tried if it weren’t for the gloves!)

Naughty Nuri: Kopi luwak parfait

For dessert we picked this coffee parfait and the parfait was our favourite part of the dish. While the other elements were interesting in providing the different textures, we wouldn’t have minded just having two of these coffee parfait on the plate instead. The coffee flavour was strong without being overbearing and creamy smooth.

Our experience with traditional Indonesian food is minimal, having only really had Indonesian catering at a friend and sister in law’s milestone celebrations. While the food here is not exactly the same and therefore more modern Indonesian, we enjoyed the dishes we had at the night of dining.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Jack rose; gin, cointreau with rose water ($18)
  • Johnny baby; whisky, orange juice and a touch of lemon mint ($18)
  • Fried sambal chicken wings; dressed with sambal tomat, grated cheddar and crunchy anchovies ($12 for 8 pieces)
  • Beef rendang; wagyu beef in coconut cream and mixed spices, potatoes, pappadum and coconut chutney ($16)
  • Nuri’s famous BBQ pork ribs; marinated pork ribs in Naughty Nuris signature sauce ($29 for half rack)
  • Kopi luwak parfait; Indonesian coffee parfait, salted caramel, bacon sponge, tapioca and blueberry marmalade ($12) 

Address: Melbourne Central, 317/211 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9650 6828


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