Jay’s (Richmond)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Jay’s and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

At the time of visit, Jay’s Richmond store was a mere 3 weeks old. After starting up as a food truck for four years, Jay’s has now opened up a physical store which is a stone throw away from East Richmond train station.


The interior is a clean pastel pink, white and light wood combination which is both eye pleasing and adorable. 

Jay's: Store from the street Jay's: Interior

On entry, the left side is the counter where the frozen yoghurt creations are created and on the right side are three small tables of two for those wanting to dine in.

Jay's: Create your own Jay's: Create your own selection

At the back wall the venue instructs you to either create your own frozen yoghurt treat or try one of their masterpieces which are listed on the left wall (where the cashier is also located).

Along the back wall is a freezer containing the create your own ingredients with a selection of cheesecake and frozen fruits with some dried goodies (nuts, goji berries, choc chip cookies etc) located on the left hand side.


We opted for one create your own to experience Jay’s offering and one off the masterpieces menu created by the venue.

Jay's: Bella's and create your own

For the create your own, we picked cheesecake, strawberries and choc chip cookies to fill our regular cup 3/4 full and took it up to the counter (apparently 3/4 full due to the fact that the frozen yoghurt creation may not fit in the cup; personally I would fill this up a little over 3/4 as ours just sat inside the cup and didn’t fill it for $9). The staff then churned our selection with the frozen yoghurt, and piped our creation into the cup and moved us along to the topping station which contained nuts and a selection of sweet goodies.

Our masterpiece ‘Bella’s’ was a lovely mix of strawberries and frozen yoghurt which was then decorated with nutella and fairy floss.

While we don’t often have frozen yoghurt and therefore are no connoisseurs, we both enjoyed the two creations and loved the idea of being able to create our own creations.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Create your own ($9 for regular size or $7 for small)
  • Masterpieces Bella’s; Jay’s yoghurt, strawberries and nutella ($9)

Address: 186 Swan St, Richmond VIC 3121
Phone: 0431 810 201


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