Mary Miller (Fitzroy North)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Mary Miller and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

This review covers our second visit to Mary Miller to try their new menu after bringing in a new chef from The Glass Den (click here to read the review covering our original visit). The rating therefore takes into consideration consistency in the food compared to the first time. 


Mary Miller: Interior Mary Miller: Ceiling

The interior of the cafe is very simple and clean. And upon entry, the cashier, coffee counter and kitchen is located on the right hand side with a number of tables with light wooden table tops on the left.

Something worth noting is while indoor seating may not be a large space, the cafe is located at a corner and with the seats around the outside of the cafe, the cafe ends up seating a good amount of people. 

A small courtyard is located at the back of the kitchen but was not yet finished when we visited.


On our first visit Mary Miller was a mere 6 weeks old, and 4 months in, Mary Miller has created a brand new menu (and we mean every dish on the menu is brand new). While some of the dishes appeared to be familiar from the first visit, each of them have actually been re-invented with different ingredients and plating style.

The A4 sized menu contains one page dedicated to an all day breakfast menu, one for sweet treats, sides and a kids menu and the final page is all the drinks the cafe offers.

Mary Miller: Poke bowl

While we did not find the tuna spicy, there were plenty of healthy ingredients (we loved the addition of beetroot which brought a natural sweetness to the bowl), all tied together with a flavoursome sesame dressing.

Mary Miller: Crab meat scramble

A perfect pairing of golden flakey buttery croissant with fluffy crab meat scrambled eggs. Nothing to fault on this dish. Just to my horror I was reminded that Mr J did not like scrambled eggs (this is one dish he would not want me to share with him).

Mary Miller: Red velvet pancakes

The new menu now has a dedicated section for ‘sweet things’ with three dishes in that section. We opted to try the red velvet pancakes and they were so moist and warm; the best way to have a pancake in our opinion. The red velvet pancake itself was very decadent but with the tangy coulis, this helped us through the dish.

The cafe already had a very impressive menu when they first opened late last year so we approached this new menu with caution but our concerns (thankfully!) were not warranted. Based on our first visit, we were expecting beautifully executed dishes that tasted amazing and this visit did not disappoint.

Dishes that make up this review

  • Poke bowl; spicy tuna, rice and quinoa, pickled beetroot, tofu, seaweed, garlic kale served with sesame dressing ($17)
  • Crab meat scramble; Asian herb, red chilli, crispy shallots serve with smoked paprika aioli on croissant ($19)
  • Red velvet pancakes; brownie nibs, hazelnut crumble, mascarpone, chocolate ganache, citrus meringue, strawberry, blueberry, kiwi fruit serve with raspberry coulis ($19)
  • Mocha ($4)
  • Matcha mint ($5)

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Address: 171 Miller St, Fitzroy North VIC 3168
Phone: (03) 9489 6740


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