Billy’s Central (Melbourne)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Billy’s Central and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Joining the Billy Group is two month old Billy’s Central, located inside Melbourne Central, right next to the link bridge to the Emporium. We dined on a Friday evening, on the evening of the big storm, which left the city a little empty.


Billy’s Central has two sections/parts to it, an informal restaurant which is located right next to the link bridge and an open cafe style setting which is located right in front of the link bridge.

The restaurant itself has a rustic modern feel with light timber and some draping greens. There are no windows that allow natural light into the restaurant but the restaurant itself is well lit by ceiling lights.

On both sides of the restaurant are standard tables with the right hand side wall containing bench seats running the length of the restaurant. Towards the front, in the centre are bar style tables for larger groups or communal style setting.

Out the front (in front of the link bridge), is additional seating which is linked to their coffee/drinks and quick bite counter, catering for those after a quick coffee or snack but also those who prefer to sit in the open area instead from the restaurant.


The A3 menu is separated into columns with a column dedicated to breakfast, one for sandwiches/foccacias/wraps/baguettes and two for lunch. Dining in the evening, we selected something from the lunch column and chose two dishes that were marked as their signature dishes with a side of salad.

Billy's Central: Mushroom risotto Billy's Central: Trio of sliders

Their mushroom risotto was perfectly cooked with a good amount of mushroom and truffle oil coming through. As a light meal, this was satisfying. The trio of sliders was the stand out from the two signature dishes for us, the three different meat and filling, each was satisfying in their own way and none of them were dry. These were a good serving size and left a little room for dessert.

Billy's Central: Super berry smoothie & Strawberry milkshake

Out of the milkshake and smoothie, the super berry smoothie stood out. It wasn’t overly sweet and was definitely the healthier option.

Billy’s Central is a nice addition to Melbourne Central. A nice pitstop with great food after a day of shopping or a central and convenient place to meet that’s easily accessible via public transport. 

Dishes that make up this review

  • Mushroom risotto; mushrom, arborio rice, vegetable stock, garlic, parmesan cheese, truffle oil and Napoli sauce ($19)
  • Trio of sliders; pulled pork and apple slaw, beef and cheese with a tomato relish, jamaican jerked chicken and coleslaw ($18)
  • Garden salad; mixed lettuce, tomato, cucumber and red onion with a lemon dressing ($12)
  • Strawberry milkshake ($6.50)
  • Super berry smoothie; mixed berries, banana, coconut flakes, milk ($8.90)
  • Passionfruit custard pavlova cronut

Address: 220A/211 La Trobe St, Melbourne VIC 3000
Phone: (03) 9650 3459