Mary Miller (Fitzroy North)

Fo0die dined as a guest of Mary Miller and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

Located at a corner, Mary Miller was a mere six week old cafe when we visited and already had a loyal set of customers from the community there. Street parking is available with a bus stop (route 506) and tram 11 within walking distance to the cafe.

The name of the cafe is a play on the word ‘merri’ for the ‘merri community’ and the street it is located on Miller St. When asked what the owners would like the cafe to be known for, they responded with ‘community’ and by ‘original food’ and we think they are well on their way based on our experience!


The interior of the cafe is small but with the seats around the outside of the cafe, the cafe ends up seating a good amount of people. It is dog friendly with a lot of locals out brunching with their best friends.

We were seated outside and on a breezy day, it was a little cold without the sun (bring a jacket on a cooler/breezy day). On the day we went, there were no gas heaters anywhere.


The co-owners of the cafe are no strangers to the cafe scene, having previously owned the very instagrammable, The Glass Den cafe. The menu offers a breakfast and lunch section with plenty of vegan and vegetarian options (a focus area given one of the owners is vegan himself and again re-iterates the ‘community’ image they are after).

We started with a latte tasting platter which came with a matcha, turmeric and beetroot berry latte. Each was not at all very sweet when regular milk is used (apparently it is sweeter when coconut milk or almond milk is used).

Mary Miller: Pulled pork benedict Mary Miller: Lentil and sweet potato cakes

Each of the dishes we had were filling and cleverly put together utilising the natural characteristics of the ingredient to complement the rest of the dish. The pulled pork benedict had a perfectly crisp potato rosti which was paired with a hollandaise that wasn’t overly sour with the granny smith apple bringing the natural sourness to the dish. While the vegan/vegetarian lentil and sweet potato cakes was paired with rockmelon for its natural sweetness; truly a Spring time dish.

Mary Miller: Buttermilk pancake with berry compote

The buttermilk pancake was fluffy and beautifully presented with the maple syrup served to the side and can be poured to your hearts content.

We noted that the prices were also quite good (less expensive than other cafes that served similar food), which is always a welcomed aspect of a cafe; good food, filling portion sizes and at a good decent price. 

Dishes that make up this review

  • Latte tasting platter; matcha, turmeric and beetroot berry latte
  • Pulled pork benedict; two poached eggs with slow cooked pork shoulder, potato rosti, julienne apple, housemade hollandaise and sesame seeds ($18.90)
  • Lentil and sweet potato cakes with shredded zucchini and carrots in a mixed spice, watercress salad topped with rockmelon salsa and spicy hummus ($17.50)
  • Buttermilk pancake with berry compote and seasonal fruits, cinnamon, toasted pistachio nuts, almonds flakes, Canadian maple syrup, topped with vanilla ice-cream and fairy floss ($17)

Address: 171 Miller St, Fitzroy North VIC 3168
Phone: (03) 9489 6740


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