The North Melbourne Hotel (North Melbourne)

Fo0die dined as a guest of The North Melbourne Hotel and as such, the rating does not give any consideration to customer service.

We arrived at 6pm on a Friday evening and the casual wine bar area was already more than half full with guests enjoying happy hour offers. 


We were seated in the dining room area which had curtains to separate the dining room area from the wine bar lounge area. At the entry, a long bar runs along the right hand side with a kitchen right at the back. Chandeliers hang off the ceiling providing the bit of glamour to the interior.

A variety of seating options is available; an option for all sorts of dining experiences. From seats at the bar to a lounge area with ottoman seating for just a drink or two with nibblies to a more traditional dining area for a sit down meal. A mix of materials is used throughout the venue; from marble tables to tiled to timber to stone tables.


Between the two of us we shared the special available every Friday; 1kg pot of market fresh mussels and fries for $30. (Note that they have other specials running on Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday).

The North Melbourne Hotel: Friday special; 1kg pot of market fresh mussels and fries The North Melbourne Hotel: NMH duck liver parfait

The highlights was the mussels and duck liver parfait; both items that we wouldn’t usually pick off the menu as our first choice, but we both surprisingly enjoyed the two dishes. The mussels were surprisingly delicious with a creamy stock at the bottom and large mussels. The pate went perfectly with the sherry jelly on top with lovely grilled crostini. Both of these alone would have given the venue a solid rating of 4.

The North Melbourne Hotel: Italian doughnut

The beetroot carpaccio was thinly sliced and was the fresh kind, not the canned that’s soft which gave it a little more texture and wasn’t overly strong in any flavour. The italian doughnut that we finished off with was a little denser than we had anticipated with a delicious salted caramel sauce over a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

A surprising dining experience at this wine bar pub restaurant.

Dishes that make up this review

  • NMH duck liver parfait with house pickles and crostini ($14)
  • Beetroot carpaccio, fior de burrata, rocket ($15)
  • Friday special; 1kg pot of market fresh mussels and fries ($30)
  • Italian doughnut, salted caramel ($5)

Address: 480 Victoria St, North Melbourne VIC 3051
Phone: (03) 9329 1634